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  • Five Day Long Diwali Tournament Concludes at Khalsa College Amritsar on 17 October 2017
    The five-day-long 3rd Inter-Khalsa Colleges Diwali Tournament today concluded at Khalsa College here . . . more
  • Khalsaa College Chawinda Devi participated in Diwali Sports Tournament organised by Khalsa College Amritsar.
    Including Khalsa College Chawinda Devi, Amritsar , ample of various other colleges teams participate . . . more
  • Khalsa College Students Gets Gold in Naval NCC
    Sukhvir Singh, a student of Khalsa College won Gold Medal in the Rifle Firing event of All India Nau . . . more
  • Khalsa College Chawinda Devi organised seminar on "Career scope in Physical Education"
    Khalsa College Chawinda Devi organised seminar on "Career Scope in Physical Education" on 11 Oct 201 . . . more
  • New Girls Hostel Block Inaugurated at Khalsa College, Amritsar
    Khalsa College Governing Council honourary secretary Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina today inaugurated t . . . more

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  • library
    04 Apr 2017
    Library Rules page Daily Work report
  • Journals/Periodicals
    06 Apr 2017
    add in journal section- ISSN, periodcity like(Monthly,Bimonthly,Quarterly,Tri-annually Magazines section- Weekly, monthly Newspapers-Daily,weekly,monthly We are add one journal issue in software then next arrival issue don't add in the same field
  • Photographs
    06 Apr 2017
    photographs are compulsory in softwrae
  • For Store ID to Building in Invenary
    22 Apr 2017
    Please give Store I.D. to Building Principal/Supdt. Office to show in Inventory
  • For Store id
    24 Apr 2017
    Please give store i.d to Psychology department
  • Remove store and building
    24 Apr 2017
    Please remove kc sikh history sec store, Kc food sci store, physiology store, Sikh History (Security office)
  • modify product items names
    12 May 2017
    Kindly modify the following inventory items : 1. Comp & Comp Peripherals --- ACER LCD Monitor (delete) 2. Printer/Scanner/Zerox/Fax --- HP Photosmart (delete) 3. Electronics ----- Fan/Cooler------ Exhaust fan (delete) 4. Furniture ---- Dias (add )
  • library
    17 May 2017
    please add a reference books option
  • Goods & Services
    16 Jun 2017
    A panel for diesel purchase required so that we can check how much amount spend on diesel without download the bills. 2. Download bills option show with every entry so it not easy to track on which date the bill was uploaded. 3. Modify option required
  • Issue Product
    26 Jun 2017
    Only one building is visible under the head "Store" whenever we issue any product. Kindly show all the buildings under the head "Store". So that we can easily issue the products.
  • Unable to open the back email (inbox)
    10 Feb 2015
    We are unable to open the back date email (inbox) in corresponce option. WE need some data of back date. we are trying to open from last one month. Pls help me in this regads as soon as possible.. we Need some data on urgent basis
  • Absence of Preffix 'Dr' in name
    10 Feb 2015
    My name as it appears on the homepage after login doesnot show 'Dr" as prefix inspite of that being mentioned in the my Profile..It shows Jasjeet Kaur Narang which should be corrected as "Dr. Jasjeet Kaur Narang"
  • Downlaod erro
    10 Feb 2015
    We are facing a problem to downlaod any previous mail ( in any attachfile) error message 404 file or directory not found kindly help us as soon as possible..
  • Absence of prefix Dr. in Faculty list
    12 Feb 2015
    After my first enquiry put to you, the prefix "Dr" has appeared before my name on the home page..but it is still not present before my name in the faculty list in correspondence.. Infact please rectify and update my name with prefix everywhere where my name appears.
  • e lecture
    12 Feb 2015
    after lecture is uploaded, meant for particular students, a scope to change lecture or to add any relevant material in already uploaded lecture is always there. so please provide switch to alter the content of uploaded lecture to faculty who has uploaded it
  • Attendance of students
    13 Feb 2015
    Session Jan-July 2015 not existing
  • Option of Duty Leave not available in leave type
    13 Feb 2015
    I want to apply for Duty Leave, although the option of duty leave is not appearing in my type of leaves under staff. Please correct it urgently to enable me to apply in time.
  • Upgradation of 4th year is not shown for GNM Branch
    16 Feb 2015
    I want to upgrade the GNM 3rd year Students into their 4th year. But there is no option provided in the list of 'Scheme For Examination forms'. You are requested to update it soon. Thanks Ravi
  • inventory
    18 Feb 2015
    room product list and product wise detail shows"no records to display" kindly correct the errors
  • New Admission Students
    18 Feb 2015
    The format of the New Admission is not adding in total No. of Students and some columns should not be mandatory and must be easy and simple to add the same.